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Find your own theme song

In 2009 I left my abusive husband after he went off for a weekend of hunting. After I settled in my new apartment and the weeks passed, every now and then I would feel overwhelmed with what the future held.

So while I held my 2yo in my arms, we would gently dance around the living room to this song. My son would giggle as I bounced and dipped his tiny baby body, and it would help remind me that I did the right thing – no matter what my toxic parents said – I saved both my son and myself from a life of abuse.

This is the song I would play for my son. So when times are stressed and I get a little worried, I still play this song.

Whether you’re female or male, remember you are not alone. Find your own theme song and hold it tight.



Grief | Time to Say Goodbye

The first time I heard Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman, it was during a trip to Vegas. My friends and I gathered to witnessed the breathtaking lights at the Fountains at Bellagio. I had no idea what I was about to watch – my friends had mentioned this simple water show a few times, so we agreed to go.

As the music started and the water started to dance, I realized why people were so mesmerized – there’s something in that entire display of water, Bocelli and Brightman that touches the chords within us, and releases grief and pain.


I’m sending you all hope, love and to those who have regrettably lost loved ones in this horrible mess, my deepest condolences.

You are not alone,


( Link to the Lights At The Bellagio: )