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What kind of asshole hangs out with child abusers?

I went to my sons swimming lessons today because for the last classes they let the parents watch. My ex-husband was there obviously because he has my son this weekend. We exchanged some small talk about my son’s swimming efforts when I added, “Oh by the way, I heard more information about my sisters abuse by my parents.” My ex-husband then flipped out saying, “why you got to talk about that?” I replied, “because you’re hanging out with child molesters!”

Apparently also among the years of being physically abused by my parents my mother also had my sister sexually abused by a doctor. My sister had left the family years ago without telling anybody why and my mother spread the rumor that my sister was crazy and angry. Until recently. I had called my sister last year to complain about my parents and she revealed every reason why she left the family and horrid detail. Needless to say I was floored because of the years of manipulation that my mother had putting in, telling everyone my sister was crazy, meanwhile it was my mother who was the one who was crazy – bringing my sister to a doctor repeatedly to have her sexually abused.

Now my husband, who has no parents because he threatened to kill his own mother for her abusing him, doesn’t have any of his parents so he hangs out with my parents. And in the meantime I discovered that his mother was angry because she too was sexually abused by her grandfather and her mother who is my ex-husband’s grandmother knew about it.

Are you keeping up with this?

So basically my ex-husband hangs out with abusive parents but refuses to believe that my sister was sexually abused because he’s desperate to have parents of his own that he’s will ing to go so far as to hang out with sexual abusers in order to have a relationship with any parents at all.

Every time I try to talk to him about any kind of abuse he sides with the abuser. It’s infuriating! What kind of moron hangs out with someone whose abused them for so long or abused other people? It infuriates me that this world is based upon fear. Any it infuriates me that hes stupid and naïve enough to believe that my mother, with a passive aggressive sweetheart low voice, is not an abuser!

Wake up and smell the coffee you moron!

* This entire post was made through Siri, and will be edited so if it doesn’t make sense check back in a day or two and it’ll be updated ha ha 🙂 xo

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A night of Softballs

I had plans tonight that didn’t work out. So at some point during the day I contacted my softball manager and told her that I was going to play our triple-header after all. It’s taken me decades to cater to myself, and that’s exactly what I did tonight.

My team is coed, and because I arrived at the last minute I was put in right field, – which doesn’t actually bother me because most of the guys hit to the outfield, and within the first inning I had already thrown out a girl at second base.

Tonight I decided to use my batting glove instead of going bare, and got a double as well as some pretty good line drives. The beauty of playing on the coed team is that most of the guys don’t think I can hit. I’m a long haired blonde, petite and short. I sometimes hit a homerun in the first inning or two just because the other team assumes that I can’t hit. It’s awesome. Unfortunately, after the first inning or two they back up on me – which is really annoying because then I have to drop it into a hole. Occasionally I’ll switch-hit, which really astounds everyone and makes me laugh. But today I didn’t bother doing that – I just waited a little longer for the pitch and eventually hit to right field instead of left.

During the games I realized that I forgot about the other plans that should have happened today, and the fact that they got messed up. When I was younger, I would have been continuously thinking about it, but now that I’m older I’ve been focusing on what I’m currently doing and I’m so much happier because of it. But it still amazes me that it took years to get to this point.

We ended up run-ruling the other team in both games, which was fine with me because I forgot to bring Gatorade and I started losing my vision. It’s a weird phenomenon that has been happening to me since catching in high school. Luckily one of the guys on the team had Gatorade and I ended up scarfing down his entire bottle.

After the game I went to Whole Foods and I bought myself a steak as well as a few other things that I’d been looking forward to, all the while thinking about how an ex asked why I was single. I’ve heard this before I met him as well. I think it comes down to this: if someone’s not treating me well, I don’t stay. This can be both good and bad because if the person has a momentary lapse in judgment I don’t really give them a second chance. I’ve tried to change that in the last few years, but it still hasn’t worked out with anyone. And I’ve also discovered there’s such a fine line between giving someone a second chance, and being abused.

As I stood in Whole Foods, I realized how happy I was to do what I wanted even though I was alone. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier than I am now. But yet at the same time I still wonder when I’m actually going to meet somebody who’s very compatible with me. And quite frankly I’m tired of hearing “Why are you single?” when it really all comes down to the other person not being available or compatible.

This whole relationship thing is a lot like softball. You can try your hardest but that does not necessarily mean you’ll hit a homerun every time. What you should do is enjoy your time on the field. Enjoy the sunshine and the breezes that come through while you’re playing. And enjoy the friendships that you make along the way; sometimes those last longer than the relationship you might have had during that particular season.


Thank you! Lol

It’s so big! ha ha that’s what she said! Lmao



Free hugs

I was at the train station this morning, and walked past a woman who was sitting on a bench staring at the ground. She looked so melancholy that I stopped. She looked up and I said, “You look like you need a hug.” She laughed and said “Do I?” I smiled but kept walking.

I soon passed a guy who said to me with arms wide, open, “I could use a hug!”

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My Co-Worker Needs Sex

I can be pissed-off at my co-worker for subjecting me to the last few weeks of her bi-polar antics, or I can accept the fact that she’s a single older woman with no boyfriend. The woman needs sex.

The only reason I’m thinking about this now is because I can’t stop the porn-like scenarios in my head of what I’d like to do to McDreamy, and it got me thinking that maybe Daisy* needs sex too. Maybe Daisy’s entire manic, snappy, condescending attitude is really because no one has slipped her the hot beef injection in years.

The other day a commuter buddy suggested I buy a vibrator for her on the way to work… Great suggestion! (And maybe one for me too? No, I still haven’t!)

Have any of you seen the documentary on women and “hysteria?” Apparently a little over a hundred years ago women were pouring into doctors offices with manic-like symptoms. They had a plethora of unexplainable symptoms: on the verge of tears, angry, crying. A nice menagerie of complicated feeling that somehow convinced the doctors to rub-them-out until they orgasmed. Who’s the first guy who came to that solution?? It’s no wonder so many men became doctors.

A few days ago I was describing Daisy’s latest condescending speech to Jen: “Well you can’t just throw up your hands and give up! You’re going to have to start thinking at some point – I can’t think for the two of us!” when Jen suggested, “It’s possible Daisy gets no love in her vagina.”

Aw Daisy. Her flower needs love.

*names changed to protect the guilty

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Dating Tip

Ladies, if the tagline on the product says, “Not your grandma’s perfume!” Or people grab their noses as they walk by… Chances are you smell like Ode de Dusty Closet.
Avoid this scent.
Thank you!