“Enough Cryin” – Mary J. Blige

I love this woman. Her video goes into how she gave up everything to be with her guy, only to finally realize the man was playin’ her.

She puts her heart on her sleeve, puts it out there that she’s been played. This is the typical scenario where a mature person tries to have a mature relationship with an immature j@ckass. She lists-out a string of items that he’s put her through, and how stupid she feels about waiting for him to grow up.

“So many men think that all a girl needs is to be sold a dream,” she sings. She takes control, takes her sh!t and leaves his sorry @ss. This is the perfect song if you’ve finally woken up, called someone’s bluff and left them.

“Don’t wanna play house no more…” – Mary J. Blige. Do it, girl. Recognize what’s going on, (wo)man-up and get out. Go. And Good for you!

If this has happened to you, don’t feel stupid. Don’t feel alone. Because you’re neither. You’re just dealing with a dipsh!t.

(Wait for it… there’s usually an intro ad that you have to skip!)

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