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It’s out there. Don’t give up.  

bring it on

A few years ago, when my alcoholic ex-husband was lying in court and I was dumping thousands into a D-grade lawyer, it felt like my world was falling apart so quickly I couldn’t keep my composure. It was at that time that I realized that the methods of digging my heels into the ground wasn’t working. Life was hitting me hard with both barrels and I knew the only way to change anything was to change my way of thinking. It was at this point that I started saying – out loud – when telling friends about the latest BS from my ex, “You know what? He lied in court. I now have nothing to lose. So BRING IT ON, Motherfucker. BRING IT ON.” This simple act of facing my fears – and charging into it a-la-The-Secret (The Law of Attraction), was what made those fears vanish. Nowadays, I still need to remind myself to use this phrase when my fear overruns me, but at least now I know that it works. 

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support your friends

 I support friends and their dreams, and this is one of them. If you’re from Long Island, New York, I hope you’re listening to Jeannie Powers’ The Hollywood Hit List on 103.9FM. 

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live for you 

 When you realize how you live in regard to other people – then truly start living for yourself alone – your entire world changes. 

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