“Brave” – Sara Bareilles

When I browse WordPress, I see a lot of us struggling with negative influences in our lives. It’s so difficult to think and act positively when we’re continuously barraged with B.S. from all angles.

I used to think that horrible events would “all work out in the end” without any effort on my part – like a movie, they’d magically fall together. And honestly – it’s really difficult to vocalize exactly what we’re thinking, right? But life isn’t the cinema, and if we don’t speak openly, there’s a good chance things won’t work out.

While you shouldn’t go into a conversation like a bull — forcing too much information on everyone — you should still speak up, speak clearly and maturely. Don’t assume folks are getting a clear translation of what’s in your head. You’d be surprised how differently your statements can be translated by someone who’s living a completely different life.

So again, keeping that in consideration, you still need to speak up. Don’t let people walk over you. Don’t accept your partner’s every opinion just because of a fear of being dumped, because there’s a pretty good chance your partner will dump you if you’re a flag!*

This song supports you. Stop holding your tongue. We’ve all been there and you’re so not alone. Say what you want to say. Be brave. Let the words fall out. It’ll change your life.

*A “flag” is someone who doesn’t have their own opinion, never sticks to an opinion or belief, or just “flies” in whatever direction that the crowd is flying in.

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