“Acapella” – Karmin

It’s funny how we can go from adoring someone to feeling like you’ve been duped. You don’t want to get stuck takin’ out that trash, but there’s no way to really know someone well until you’re knee-deep into the relationship. When you finally discover your significant other is actually a fake effer, you can rely on this song.

A brilliant line in the middle is “Now you talkin’ crazy, sayin’ that you made me – like I was your Cinderella…”  It reminds me of “The Crazy Italian” that I dated years ago. At the time I was thinking his Italianess would bring me back to my own roots. Unfortunately, the only bringing-back was him bringing himself back to his ex-girlfriend. But during our breakup, he had the nerve to say, “If we don’t go out, you don’t go out at all.” He made it sound like he was the strength of our relationship, like he carried me through life. I was shocked. And it was weird and strange since he met me at a pub when I was hanging with friends, and we only dated about a month or two.

Months after the second demise with his ex , he contact me again (they always come back) and kept saying, “You hate me. I know you must hate me.” I replied, “I don’t hate you,” and followed it up with something like, “I don’t want you back, but I don’t hate you either.”

“You and me are cool, though, watch me do it Acapella.”

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