You are not your yesterday

Progress: You might not be where you want to be, but you’re also no longer where you used to be. 

It’s so easy to disregard progress we’ve made when we’re still on a journey to a specific destination. But if we look back at the progress made, we realize how much of a struggle it was, how much work we’ve done, and we should really be proud instead of disregarding it. So no, we may not be where we want to be-but we’re certainly not where we were yesterday. 

Keep working on your goal – tomorrow you’ll be even further along. Do not give up! Do not give up. Keep going. Don’t look down. Eye on the prize, my friends, eye on the prize. 


The crushing stress of success

Let’s talk about the fear we have in relation to IF we succeed. It’s real. We feel like we need to have solutions before the problems even present themselves. That’s not good. If you’re fearing success, but you’re working through it anyway, comment below.

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The Law Of Attraction

Don’t give up on the real deal. Imagine yourself with a real love every night before you fall asleep, enjoy how it will feel to be with that person, and it will come to you. 🌹 

I can tell you countless cases when the Law of Attraction actually worked for me. The first time I realized I was actually using the Law of Attraction was years ago when I was watching the movie The Secret. I was in shock as I watched. All the experts in the movie were explaining the best methods of using the Law of Atraction, and I was thinking, “Oh my God, that’s exactly what I was doing in college!” 

In college I would lay down at night and think about the best day I could have. Sometimes I would imagine the most outlandish success possible. Ironically, just as the experts in The Secret did, I called the events of those years “magical” because I was pulling in sucess left and right. I had no guilt about deserving success – I just imagined it for fun. Little did I know that it was considered the laws of the universe. 

You may choose to think it’s all B.S., and that’s fine – sometimes it feels “hokey” to me too. But if you’ve had back experiences your entire life, wouldn’t it be worth trying something new?

Last year I imagine having the love of my life. This year I have him. Oh my God.