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I’ve Been Featured! Wait… I have?

Sometimes I have to admit – I kick ass. No, I really do. For the last few years I’ve been trying to concentrate on getting my shit done. I’ve gone as far as investing in stacks of steno pads from the local office supply store, and made genres for lists of things I have to get done. Because I’m a compulsive workaholic, I have about 15-20 steno pads, each with different genres like, “Medical” that list things like, “Dermotologist: Make checkup appointment…” The stenos are relatively small pads that fit in my commuter bag, have typical ruled lines, plus one additional vertical line that cuts through the center of each page. I stick my theme on the left (ie: “Dermotologist”) and put my details on the right (ie: “Call and make checkup appointment before she comes over and smacks you upside the head.”)

So far this system has been kicking ass. I’ve gotten so much done that I’ve moved on to one of my back-burner tasks: Empty my old PC hard drive and migrate the data – manually – to my external Mac hard drive via my iMac. I was briefly contemplating networking the two, but decided against it– in the time it would take to figure-out networking, I could manually migrate my data. And so here I am, 10:51pm on a Throwback Thursday, using 2GB flash drives to suck data off an old Windows XP to move to my external hard drive via Mac. Yes, there could definitely be an easier way to do it, but I’m satisfied. And so here I am.

During this tedious migration process, one of the files that I randomly opened was actually a post for this blog. I barely remembered writing it, and so Googled to see if I posted. Shockingly enough, the words didn’t show on my blog, they showed on someone else’s site: Alcohol Abuse Advice. Impressive. My listing was at the bottom: My Art of Letting Go: How to Recover After A Breakup. I had no idea I had been picked up – I barely remember posting! Check me out, down at the bottom, and if you get a chance, read that post by hitting the word “Source” at the bottom of their listing.

And as always, thanks for staying with me!
– 1YOS

Alcohol Abuse Advice


People’s True Colors

“It’s during the worst times of your life that you will get to see the true colors of the people who say they care for you.” -Ritu Ghatourey 

For example, when leaving a raging alcoholic, my parents told me they no longer had room for me at their home (which included room for my 1.5-year old son). They also had my ex over for dinner and allowed him to visit constantly. After being forced to sever my relationship with my parents, they then blamed me for everything, saying, “we need to see our grandson.” Had they not supported the abusive alcoholic in the first place, I wouldn’t have questioned their sanity. 

Don’t hold on to toxic people in your life simply because they hold a position of power. It’s just not worth it. 

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Let go of the rain



When your ex thinks you want them back

I dated a Long Island surfer who continuously thought I wanted him back – even months after breaking up. He was – quite honestly – nothing that I wanted in a boyfriend – and even less as a husband: he was a weak individual with no backbone, small in stature and not that bright. And so it was only weeks after our breakup that I accepted our incompatibilities and happily started the healing process. By the time he and I spoke again years later, he confused me with comments about his marital status. Here’s what happened:

Not being one to hold grudges, I contacted him about a business idea, requesting insights and direction, but during the conversation he repeatedly interjected comments like, “I’m sorry, I’m married now.” His marital statements were so oddly random that it baffled me into silence, and so I had no response for him at the time. I got the needed information, politely thanked him and ended the call. I remember looking at the phone for a few minutes afterward, wondering what the hell just happened. Ah well, I thought, he was always a little strange.

Weeks later it dawned on me, “OMG – HE THINKS I STILL WANT HIM!” I laughed for about three hours when the realization hit me. How stupid would he feel if he knew the truth? I thought. And where in God’s green earth did he get that idea from? I pondered the second point for a moment. It was then that I realized I’m a relatively mature person during breakups. Unfortunately, he mistook my Breakup Maturity as affection.

  • Let’s all LOL •

As much as my pride wanted me to correct the little surfer; I never bothered to. He seemed so happy with his one fictitious victory in life – as erroneous as it was. Nowadays when I remember the surfer’s comments, I still laugh, and laugh… my new man is 150% smarter, braver, more successful and a full foot taller than Surfer Boy. But still I let it go. Sometimes you have to let little boys have their dreams. #JustSayin #LMAO


Poor Twilight




There are no secrets to success. It’s the results of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. It’s so important to evaluate your past relationships, and I always strongly advocate going to a therapist in order to do so.