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Why I Stopped Drinking Coffee

“I lost my shit the other day.” Just another lovely expression from the bowels of New York’s working class spectrum. As crass as it is, it still holds true, especially when over-imbibing in full-octane Iced Lattes and having to deal with a 45 minute search for parking in the busy Long Island town of Mineola. 

Have you ever been to Mineola? Despite the friendly family feeling of its residents, the town has also managed to squeeze in a major train station, a world-renowned hospital, courthouses, attorney offices, endless parking garages, restaurants and office buildings. I spent 45 minutes driving through parking garages and municipal lots as well as uselessly pumping quarters into several 2-hour meters before realizing I wasn’t actually going to be able to park anywhere, wasn’t getting to work on time and would definitely be missing an appointment later in the day. I realized all of this while the rain poured down, saturating both my car and my hair and making me look like a homeless sheep dog. 

By the time I decided that God intended me to stay home, I had lost my shit, sputtering craziness into my iPhone as I canceled everything with a zeal I hadnt had since attempting to punch my sister in the face in high school. I then proceeded to drive home like one of those hopeless cases, tears uncontrollingly pooling up and spilling over from my eyes. 

“I wonder if I shouldn’t have had those two Iced Lattes,” I thought. “They make me a little edgy.”

I’m guessing coffee may be illegal years from now, especially considering the mind-effing it does to some folks who drink the roasted brew. WebMD posted that coffee causes “caffeinism,” with symptoms like anxiety or agitation. (Sounds like what I had while schlurping my first Iced Latte while looking for parking.) They also say that folks who drink coffee may eventually find themselves drinking more coffee to get the same effect. This would explain my co-worker’s six Iced Quad Lattes a day. Sounds a little too close to Alcoholism, if you ask me.

And yet friends tell me, “It’s all in your head.” That’s ridiculous. That’s like saying everyone’s phsiological makeup is the same. It’s also like saying there’s only one type of person in the world and that only one element exists on the periodic table of elements. Yeah, dont get me started.

Let’s check out the other too-much-coffee symptoms that I’ve had and how they’ve effected me.

And here I thought it was my pseudo psychic powers waking me up at 3am to connect with spirits from the Other Side. Or thoughts of my ex plaguing me so much that they woke me. Turns out it was the multiple Mochas sucked down in one day that left me in an early morning sweaty pool of ex-thought-aftermath with no recourse but to Hoover a cap of nightquil, because remnants of those delicious cups of iced, milky-coffee-ground goodness smacked me in the face every time my eyelids drifted downward. And unfortunately a few times this ugly scenario reared it’s head right after a breakup, leaving me paralyzed in countless insufferable, sleepless hours of ex thoughts. No wonder people think I looked like Andrea from The Walking Dead.

Nervousness & Restlessness
I can’t sit still long enough to write a description of this point.

Stomach Upset
A few months back I came to the point where it felt like i ate knives for breakfast after my morning, mid-morning and pre-lunch coffees. As soon as I stopped drinking coffee the pain magically disappeared. I wish my ex’s ex would disappear so quickly.

Nausia & Vomiting
Thankfully I never tossed my cookies, but nausia was a weekly thing. At some point I realized coffee was making me nausious, but instead of quitting I switched to Iced Lattes. It provided a small victory over wanting to hurl, but useless when it came to the other symptoms like…

Increased Heart Rate
I called them Heart Palpitations, but after some time they morphed into straight-up Chest Pain accompanied by visions of heart attacks. But an addict is an addict, and even with friends telling me that I was insane to keep drinking coffee, I’d still suck down a few a week. At one point in my Caffeine Career, I was having so much chest pain that I actually went to a cardiologist and took a stress test and Echocardiogram – or cardiac ultrasound. 

Total side note: 
During the exam the sono tech told me that the number of enlarged hearts is on the rise. Funny, I thought, the amount of coffee consumption has been on the rise as well. Clearly this is all speculation on my part, especially considering how much I love frequenting coffee houses…

Ever want to stab people with a pencil at work? Ever want to ram your car into someone else’s just to teach them a lesson that you know they’ll never really get anyway? Ever just start throwing things because you’re tired that your place looks like a never-ending pig sty? Yeah, neither have I.

Ironically, there are a few things not listed on the WebMD site that I believe goes hand-in-hand with my personal physiological makeup and coffee consumption. 

Hives & Welts
There was a guy in my high school who had the misfortune of having the biggest welts on his face that I had ever seen. They were huge – no amount of coverup would have helped him. At the time I just felt bad for him – realizing we were in high school and adolescence is a nasty biotch, I let it go. But most recently I noticed the counter guy in Dunkin Donuts has similarly attrocious skin as High School Welt Guy’s skin. I wonder if they drink coffee. 

This is what happens to me when I drink hot coffee:
Generally when I drink regular hot coffee, within a few hours I’m itching behind the ears. I get those vile lumps that only Benedryl can cure, and if I dont stop the coffee consumption, the vile little lumps actually start to hurt. 

Is it really the coffee?
After years of studying the effects of coffee on my skin, I realized it may not entirely be the coffee. How do I know this? And what is really the problem, if not coffee? This is where my sick semi-scientific shit kicks in and may help you or someone you know, so stay with me:

I believe it’s something funky in the tubing of the machines that brews the coffee and steams the milk that’s producing hives.

Why? Let’s look at some scientific reasoning here. 

I would get hives when:
I drank coffee
I drank hot cocoa
I drank hot tea
I ate “Street Meat” from a New York city licensed vendor
I ate McDonalds food

I would not get hives when:
I drank iced lattes
I made my own hot cocoa
I drank iced tea
I ordered anything – hot or cold – from a new coffee shop
I drank anything from a new coffee system
Cooked my own food

These little factoids lead us to believe that its not the actual coffee thats a problem, but perhaps the chemical interection between the hot oil or grease and metal tubing or metal grills. 

This is crazy shit. I could win a Nobel Skin Prize for this one day. 

Results like these hardly make an hour’s burst of energy worth it. Especially since after the hour of energy is a energy slump so bad it makes a sloth look motivated. 

Right now I’m glad I didn’t have that Iced Latte today because there’s a guy sitting next to me on my commuter train that smells like mold and is irritatingly tapping his foot to the beat of whatever lame band hes probably listening to. Had I drank the 4pm latte today, I probably would have lost my shit and snapped at him already. But today I chose water, so I’m only mildly irritated. Maybe next week when I’m completely Caffeeine Sober I won’t even notice. Maybe.

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You were in love with who you wanted, not who he really was


Over the last few decades I’ve witnessed a ridiculously large amount of people declare that the latest love of their lives had “changed,” the relationships went sour, and all had turned to Poo. But now that I’ve fully digested over 10 years of therapy, I would like to confidently assert that those loves didn’t change, they finally allowed their true selves to be revealed.

How many of you had relationships that started-out great, but fizzled after one to six months? It’s my belief that your partners in those relationships didn’t change, they just reverted back to their actual selves.

If the general consensus is that “people don’t ever really change,” then how can we openly swear that our relationships changed? “He was so attentive at the beginning!” or “She changed, man, she used to be cool about me going out.”

It’s Poo! People really don’t change, they just attempt to fit a predetermined mold. And because of that I’m revealing this dating ditty: Those people were pulling the wool over your eyes! They were snowing you! They were trying to force a relationship for their own agenda.

One thing my incredibly insecure, insensitive, out-of-state ex-boyfriend said that was true was, “People always eventually reveal their true colors.” And just like he revealed his true self (in the form of manipulative, jealousy-driven mind games) so too will other couples as they become more comfortable in their relationships and less concerned with impressing the other partner. They revert.

Now generally this would not be a problem if we didn’t fall madly in love with who we thought the other person was. When the breakup comes and we’re suffering in months of shock, it’s the reversion that we’re really hating because the façade wasn’t real. It didn’t exist. We weren’t dating a person, we were dating an ideology.

How do you prevent this? Well, thats tough. Sometimes we’re so excited about the possibilities of new romance that we jump the gun and allow our hope to turn to assumption that the partner is everything we want them to be.

This is where (I’m guessing) being “Friends First” is probably the best bet. It allows both people to get to know each other without the pressures of dating perfection. The problem is that if you’re using a dating site, the assumption of potential ever-lasting love is already clouding the waters. And that’s a blog post for another day…

– 1YOS


Do Strong Women Scare Men Off?

I’ve been told multiple times — usually after they marry someone they can control — that they were scared of me. Now thats scary!

Empowerment Coach Suzie

So here’s the dilemma – gender roles aren’t what they used to be. For one reason or another, women are much more fiercely independent than ever and that’s not such a bad thing. Not at all. Women are in positions of power, they are gainfully employed, they own their own homes, they travel on their own, they live fully happy lives without the assistance of a man – women do it for themselves. They CAN do it so they do it. No one is disputing how significant this is. It’s awesome! But, how does this really affect men? How does it affect dating? My question is: do strong women scare men off?

Do Strong Women Scare Men Off?

strong-womenI recently had this discussion with some good friends of mine. We’re all strong, fiercely independent women who never had anything handed to them in life. We’ve worked hard for what we have…

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Got to let it go. Refocus on good. Step away from the keyboard, put down the phone and let it go. There’s someone much more mature out there who will be proud of you for doing so when you tell them about your ex.


Disney here I come!


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Cheaters Sometimes Win

I’ve heard of folks going back to someone who cheated on them because the cheater begged for forgiveness. By then the trust was blown to bits, but they’d still go back. “I feel like I should try again, just so I can say I did try again.” They’d breakup with the rebound and return to the cheater.

And they’d be miserable, waiting for their past relationship — before the cheater contemplated cheating — to resurrect itself. The problem is that once someone cheats, the relationship is never the same. Why? Because the cheater has finally revealed their true selves. Their true intentions.

At that point iff the couple “tries again,” they’re just “settling.” The cheater begged forgiveness because they know they’ve ruined a good thing, but more so because they want the partner to see them once more in that angelic light.

Someone who goes back to a cheater is just settling. And the cheater won.

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“I’m sorry” Goes a Long Way


The dumbest thing I never did was get involved with someone from work. I know the rule, yet for some reason I blanked out, bypassing that rule and a major red flag on the first date. A year later, after catching him in a tremendous lie, I’m forced to see him in the halls, catch him looking at me and turning away. It’s heartbreaking, and I have to relive it every day. It’s like God’s punishing me for ignoring a red flag. I failed the test.

What’s worse is the fact that I see him looking at me and yet he can’t bring himself to say, “I’m so sorry I hurt you.” You’d be surprised how these words can help and heal, and yet he doesn’t say them. But at the same time, he didn’t have the strength to divorce an abusive wife, so how would he possibly find the strength to apologize?

Right now I’m in a constant cycle of healing and hurting. It’s like as soon as I start healing he’s suddenly in the halls, passing me 400 times a day and the wound becomes fresh again.

I’m tired of it. I want to heal. I was healing, yet I have no idea what happened. Like a scab picked open and bleeding again. And every time my focus goes back to, “What kind of a man destroys someone else, and never says, ‘I’m sorry?’ “

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Dating is like…



Black Holes of Affection

I watched “Katy Perry: Part of Me” and cried like a baby when she and her husband split (not like I didn’t know it was going to happen, but still…). It’s just sad to see her work so hard for her dream and have her husband give her a hard time because of it.

Been there, don’t like that. For me it was a few years of a court battle till my boyfriend at the time said, “You have too much drama in your life.” Ironically had I done what he wanted me to do to my ex-husband during those years, the drama would have been ten-fold.

If your partner is a black hole, sucking in all the love and affection for themselves without giving back, I say, “Good riddance. I’m better off alone.”


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Happy Independence Day!

Celebrate all your freedoms today! Me: besides the typical country loyalties, I’ll be celebrating making it back to Bliss: The state of being happy when not with a jerk who’s playing games, nor waiting for a guy to contact me, or wondering whats going on with “us,” etc., etc., etc., Celebrate your freedoms, as well!


SomeECards: Soccer

We all watched the game at work and were cheering the USA team, but when I saw this later that night, I still Laughed Out Loud in the middle of the quiet car on my train home.

– 1YOS