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BREAKUP EXPERT: Dating • Breakup • Recovery • Advice • True Stories • Red Flags • ECards • New Quotes • LAUGH > It’s why we’re here 😉

I was done! After years of feeling like I was the one at fault in dying relationships, I had decided to take a break from dating and chronicle my journey of Singledom.  And this wasn’t something I would have told the guy with the rank breath sitting next to me on my commuter train, despite the cinematic Meg Ryan scenarios that played in my mind and his not-so-sly glances at my iPhone.

IMG_3537.JPGI had contemplated having a year of Singledom before my last breakup years ago, and after ending another “friendship,” I had finally decided to do it. I was done. I needed a break. After all, I figured it couldn’t hurt to concentrate fully on myself at the time – without guilt – for a year.

So with a big F-U I said, “Adios!” to the rank-breath-man on that train, the game-player and the married guy who still wasn’t sure where his life was taking him. I was done. I took my year.

Now that my year is over and gone, I can honestly say it was the best move I ever made. It was like finally trimming off the dead ends of my hair. Like finally sticking to the healthy fitness plan. Like finally buying those $200 jeans. I took the year off, and the whole world opened up to me. This was just the start of my journey. You’d be happy to know where I am now. I took that road less traveled, and yes, it made all the difference.


41 thoughts on “About 1Yos

        1. I think sometimes the challenge is also accepting that it may take a while. If you dont already, check out “Valley Girl Gone Country.” She’s got posts that’ll probably hit home for you too. And keep commenting – we like to hear everyone’s updates!


  1. Love the challenge you’re making yourself. Can’t wait to read more about it. You are a very strong writer with a lot wit. Looking forward to reading more of your posts! 🙂

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      1. Trust me! I have so many of those days as well! & as it might not seem that bad, it feels that bad 😛 haha! But some days you’ll feel like a high class hooker for athletes and famous people 😛 haha! JK! It does get better though. Working on being single now & it sucks sometimes. But other times, it gets better! Like when the cute guy at the gym smiles you and you don’t fall off the treadmill in complete shock 😛 haha! Be Strong Girl! 🙂 WE GOT THIS 😉 HAHA


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  2. Sooooo I’m kinda in love with your blog! lol Just discovered it on my reader and i am beyond excited. I am 6 months into my “no man diet” and to see someone else who is attempting the same thing makes me feel less weird. Especially seeing that my friends all seem to think i’m insane. Spending some time to work on ourselves can’t be a bad thing right?
    Cheers to us!
    can’t wait to read more 🙂

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      1. Oh I’ve never actually blogged about my “no man diet” To be honest, my feelings about it are complex and I’m not quite sure how to put it all in a post just yet. I’m hoping to have post a few at the end of my journey. Maybe we cans compare notes at the end? lol

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        1. What! You should! Blog what moves you the most, Scarlett. Complex is good too. Writing helps sort it all out – it’s like unraveling a bowl of spaghetti. Do you have a time span plotted? I look forward to seeing your blog! 🙂


  3. sometimes you think about the friends you made. 😀
    you misspelled designing on your latest post.
    and yes.. still changing employment.

    – you have my encrypted email.

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