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Doing the Right Thing Sucks

I had a sex dream with Married Guy last night. The annoying thing about the dream – besides the fact that it ended when my alarm went off – is that I had to stop myself several times from texting him about it like I would have done if he was single. It’s difficult to do the right thing.

Let’s blame Hollywood. In the movies, it’s pretty-much guaranteed that things will work out in the end, and that making that moral choice produces a concrete prize within the two hour cinematic storyline. Even Forrest Gump got the girl in the end. Well, sort of. But we were still left with the idea that had she not been a cracked up ho, they would have been together, happily forever.

Not so in real life. In real life she would have dated Forrest a few times, which would have reminded her of all the cracked up fun times she had with her ex, and would have ended-up going back to that ex – leaving Forrest to do the “right thing” and say goodbye to her forever.

Real life is not that easy. And doing the right thing sucks. There’s no happy ending nor ding! ding! ding! light that goes off when you make the right decision. And it certainly takes longer than two hours to find out if you did the right thing and win the relationship prize. You sometimes have to wait years to realize “Oh yeah, remember that guy I really liked? Turns out he’s a – – – and I really did dodge a bullet.” But by then you dont care anymore.

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