Breakups: Your Ex’s 2 Signs That Scream “I Was Wrong”

Kim dated a liar on-and-off for a year without fully comprehending his lies and cowardice until it figuratively fell in her lap. 

“I was texting him about the wife he was divorcing,” she explained, “when he accidentally told me ‘there is no [divorce] paperwork.'” This lone statement revealed that all his previous statements – including an elaborate story supposedly containing verbatim quotes involving his in-laws – were lies. 

To make matters worse, Kim and her now-ex work at the same company. “So I still have to see him,” she explained. “And it’s pathetic,” she added, “he can’t even look me in the eye.”

Despite the newly revealed, low-class nature of Kim’s new ex, she’s actually lucky enough that his patheticness was revealed before things solidified in “Serious.” But that knowledge doesn’t stop her from feeling infuriated when the coward ducks as he runs by her in the halls.

“I know I did the right thing when I told him to lose my number,” she said, “I’m just grossly disappointed in his lies and cowardice. And it devalued him to trash in my eyes.” After pausing for a moment she added, “He’s trash. I dated trash… Oh my God – I was dating trash and I didn’t even know it!”

Sometimes we forget that the purpose of dating is to get to know someone, and that we – unfortunately – won’t learn that people are trash until we’re knee-deep in emotions.

If you’ve split from someone and they’re too much of a coward to admit or apologize, here are two major signs that will tell you – even if they dont.

They completely disappear after you’ve called their bluff. They don’t even offer an explanation. They haven’t replied to your one email or phone call.
What to do at this point: Do not attempt to initiate any other contact. Refocus on what you DO want in your life. If you continue to focus on and pour energy into a toxic, unfixable person, it’ll only drain your own magnificence. Cut them loose completely.

They no longer hang out at the same bars or clubs, changed grocery stores or delis, stopped going to your gym, or mutual friends havent even heard from them. 
What to do at this point: Clearly theyre avoiding any discussions.  Folks that avoid discussions – in most cases – fear the reaper. They don’t want their wrongdoings discussed because they know they’ve hurt you, so theyre waiting for the storm to die down. Again, cut them loose. Stick to The Law Of Attraction and focus all your energy on the type of love you do want. 

“When my boyfriend broke up with me,” admitted Kate. “I was devastated, took the day off and drove home to another state just to be with family; I was a mess. Long story short,” she revealed, “we eventually got back together and got married.” She shook her head and sneared, “Turns out he was an angry alcoholic and after three years I had to leave him a’la Sleeping With The Enemy style. I should have trusted the breakup.”

Do yourself a favor – employ some “suspension of disbelief” and pretend the universe has a bigger plan in mind. If your ex is that much of a coward that they can’t admit to their lies, you’re probably better off without them, and you’ve been given a blessing in disguise.


19 thoughts on “Breakups: Your Ex’s 2 Signs That Scream “I Was Wrong”

  1. I always enjoy reading your blog, you should write a book, it might be a good way to vent some feelings and relieve some past stress and anger .. So as I have no clue who you are, are you the lady in question in this post ..?? Mr R W Turner Esq …


    1. Thank you, R. I was actually, most recently considering a movie script. It would not be about dating issues though. It has tremendous plot twists that would blow your mind. / Ironically in the last year, I’ve never really been happier – I just like to help folks. / A good journalist never reveals her sources…


      1. Write a book first, with your writing style and range of vocabulary (other than spelling, get a good editor 😉 ..) it would be a great read … It’s easier to get a book deal and if it’s marketed well and gets enough acclaim (why wouldn’t it) … Then you’ll have hollywood knocking … One step closer to Chris Evans !?! Yay


          1. Haha alright … Gameplan, plan of attack !?! New York Times best seller list here you come…

            Really you’d forgotten about him already …!?! Damn woman, if even captain America can’t hold your attention, normal old chaps stand no chance 😉


            1. It’s preconditioning Lol

              Ever read the Law Of Attraction? It’s very possible that I could be on the New York Times Best Seller list. And just because I have a degree centering around writing doesn’t mean I got a minor in Spelling. LOL (It’s also very difficult to write on a 2″ screen on a train that’s bouncing around…) 😀


              1. I have not read the law of attraction but I know enough about it to understand exactly where you’re coming from, so as I direct response marketer, I know what attracts and drives people …

                …At least I think I do ???

                I was in no way belittling the plan, I think it’s completely feasible and something that if, you are willing to work for it, could and should happen. You’ve certainly got the writing prose for it and from what I’ve read the wit and experience to back it up.

                Alright not spelling but your hashtag game needs improving, don’t blame the bouncing train, it’s the shakes from your friday night out partying 😉

                Have a great weekend


      1. Lol I bet my ex who’s reading this, thinking that I don’t know he’s reading this, is probably wondering the same thing. But it’s possible that many girls go through the same thing, yes? 😉


          1. I could share my worst one, which only happened a couple of years ago and it’s truly a disgusting tale of how guys (me) can be totally conned by a pretty face and a multiple personality disorder … Perhaps I’ll share it one day, but it will turn your pubes straight, it’s that horrifying


  2. “Clearly theyre avoiding any discussions. Folks that avoid discussions – in most cases – fear the reaper. They don’t want their wrongdoings discussed because they know they’ve hurt you, so theyre waiting for the storm to die down. ”

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. My ex never apologized for what he did to me. He never talked to me about it in person. He waited until I texted him.

    What a wimp.


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