“My Cell Phone Died” and other stupid excuses

The guy I was seeing was missing in action the other night. I had a strange homeward-bound commuter crisis where he had been one of the people I texted in my panic. But where everyone else replied within a half hour, his breezy reply came the next morning, not asking me how I am or what happened, but saying his cell phone died and that he “hopes it all worked out.”

I asked my friend Jen how long it takes to charge her phone. “Well its not even that,” she replied, quite intuitively, “it really only takes a minute or two for the phone to turn back on once you plug it in again.”

And yet it takes this guy 14 hours to charge his phone.

I started thinking about his reply, “I hope it all worked out.” If you study that statement’s structure you’ll realize it offers no platform for replies. Its a simple statement offering no potential for conversation. It reflects his concern: You’re on your own.

I’m not the type to rail a guy for his high-school level of dating maturity, nor will I entangle myself in a dramatic argument asking where he’s been for days. I believe that if you like me well enough, you’ll show it. Clearly he doesn’t, and isn’t.

When I consider other excuses I’ve received in the past from this guy, it’s a wonder his number is still in my phone.

Please comment and let me know what excuses you’ve gotten while dating!

2 thoughts on ““My Cell Phone Died” and other stupid excuses

  1. Do you think this is similar? Guy been “dating” against my first gut feeling to not. He was persistent and I began seeing him. He made it usual to text cute messages regularly and each night. Now out of town again, used the battery died first and now it was that his boss took his phone and made him leave it behind while they went out to bars. Done with this one I think. It is not that he went to the bar. It is that I was not thought about so highly anymore? And now he is not to blame, it’s his boss’s fault? Um no. Agree or am I being ridiculous?

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    1. First I need to apologize for the delay – I was actually in the middle of a move!

      Okay now for you

      I’ve seen men do the craziest things to get in touch with girls (and guys too!) For example: I had a friend text a crying selfie to his ex in front of a comedy club, men will borrow phones, use desk phones, reception-area phones, phones in restaurants… If he didnt get in touch with you, he didn’t want to. Personally, I believe your first feeling was correct, but like you and me both, someone talked us INto hanging with the wrong guy. Forget it. Your intuition is there for a reason! And I bet you’ll feel a weight off your shoulders when you make a final decision to cut the jerk loose!

      I also think

      I love that you messaged me! Come back any time! But remember, a clear indication that he’s a schmuchk is when we feel the need to search for answers online. They can talk us out of feeling like crap later on, but ultimately, we SHOULD NOT have been feeling like crap in the FIRST place!


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