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If they don’t ask, they don’t care

Ever ask your sort-of-significant other how they’re doing? You sweet thing – look at you being the caring one. That’s great! Listen though – if they’re too preoccupied with themselves to ask how you’re doing, I’d say it’s a pretty clear indication that they don’t care enough about you to focus on you.

Case in point: I don’t really have a father. My family was very dysfunctional and my father was emasculated by my mother. Last year, when I disassociated from my family, I had to include my father in that scenario because he never supported me. Today is Father’s Day. I don’t have anyone asking me how I’m doing on Father’s Day. This is not a woe-is-me situation because I’m definitely not focused on that aspect of my life anymore, but it did make me realize who is thinking about me, and who is not. And it’s very important to keep those rose-colored glasses off and keep caring about me by not fooling myself.

My point: if you aren’t in their head to the point where they are concerned how you’re dealing with the most difficult things in your life, they just don’t care enough.