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The Law Of Attraction

Don’t give up on the real deal. Imagine yourself with a real love every night before you fall asleep, enjoy how it will feel to be with that person, and it will come to you. 🌹 

I can tell you countless cases when the Law of Attraction actually worked for me. The first time I realized I was actually using the Law of Attraction was years ago when I was watching the movie The Secret. I was in shock as I watched. All the experts in the movie were explaining the best methods of using the Law of Atraction, and I was thinking, “Oh my God, that’s exactly what I was doing in college!” 

In college I would lay down at night and think about the best day I could have. Sometimes I would imagine the most outlandish success possible. Ironically, just as the experts in The Secret did, I called the events of those years “magical” because I was pulling in sucess left and right. I had no guilt about deserving success – I just imagined it for fun. Little did I know that it was considered the laws of the universe. 

You may choose to think it’s all B.S., and that’s fine – sometimes it feels “hokey” to me too. But if you’ve had back experiences your entire life, wouldn’t it be worth trying something new?

Last year I imagine having the love of my life. This year I have him. Oh my God.