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Romance Novels: Help or Hindrance?

When I was 16 I wasn’t allowed to go many places (clearly my parents were fubar). But i was allowed to read exorbitant amounts of romance novels. There were days that I would read an entire 600 page romance novel and not only (sadly!) try to fulfill my need for normal teenage romance, but I learned a few “moves” at the same time.

This excessive store of mental sexual images is probably why a guy in college once told me, “I bet you’re great in bed!” But after years of trying to avoid both him and negative relationships, it’s causing a problem. I’ve got one very willing guy that I’m very attracted to, and a library of Johanna Lindsey scenarios in my head that I morally shouldn’t enact.

I’m having a real problem.

This year thing isn’t going to be easy. The only thing that’s consoling me is that I’ll have stronger moral fiber when I’m done.

Yeah, I laugh every time I say that too.
So basically I’m returning to my desperate question from a few posts ago…
One of my readers, desireanddepravity, said I should definitely get one – what do YOU think?   😀