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Feel Special

2015/01/img_1314.jpg Your relationship should be one where you feel liked and appreciated. Of course this is not a constant, and there are fluctuations in all things, but if your partnership depresses you or you’re constantly searching for affection, it’s probably not the relationship you should be in.

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Don’t go changin’

IMG_0678.JPG Lol OMG >> Okay seriously now. There’s an ancient song from the ’70s that says you shouldn’t change to make the other person happy. This is a screaming red flag. 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩Neither person should have to change. We’re talking “the depths of your personalities.” Alcoholism or drug use – yes of course, change all you want. But not who you are as a person. I had an ex who constantly said, I’ll change!” But why? He was being him. Why would I want him to change? It’s like asking a zebra to remove its stripes and put on a horn because I want a unicorn. Forget that. I’ll just go find the unicorn. I let the zebra go.

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Signs That You’re Not His Girlfriend

Oh the signs! I hate the signs!  Hopefully you won’t have to worry about any of these signs this Valentine’s Day.     But if reading the list leaves a pit in your stomach, chances are he doesn’t consider you his girlfriend. So maybe we should add an additional sign to the list: * If you read “Signs That You’re Not His Girlfriend” and get a pit in your stomach, then chances are he doesn’t consider you his girlfriend. BAM!

Signs That You’re Not His Girlfriend