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Not So Horror-Scope

Sunday Oct 20 2013

It’s time for a new beginning, Capricorn – but if you set off down a new path in the days ahead, do not forget where you came from. This is an excellent time to revisit old photographs and enjoy old memories. There is something special from your past that can now be renewed – perhaps an old dream or an old relationship. But whatever it is, it will have a powerful impact on something you want to do in the future. This is a time of renewal, but it is also blessed and enhanced by events of the past.

Oh Dear Lord help me

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Psychic Comments

I was chatting with two women inside my car’s service station waiting room when a gentle-looking Latino man looked at me – and while rubbing his three money fingers together – said with a thick accent, “You’re going to marry a rich man. Soon. Very soon.”

I laughed and said, “Right! What are you, psychic?”

He smiled. His three teens nodded.