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Killer Couch Buns

I really can’t complain about a cheesy butt and thighs if I’m specializing in the Couch Potato Arts. And yet for the last hour I’ve been planted on my Pier 1 Imports cushion, tippity-tapping on my keyboard, hoping to get tired enough to ignore the carb-induced guilt as I make my way to bed. It seems such a short time ago when watched The Biggest Loser and purchased two Jillian Michaels workout DVDs. In the last two days I killed my buns and cracked a 6-pack, but today I feel like I was smacked with a pain bat.

Killer Couch Buns I’m trying to be unmotivated, but I’d rather be tired than feel like a sloth. So I bid you all adieu, as I turn on Jillian. Whoot! Whoot!



Free hugs

I was at the train station this morning, and walked past a woman who was sitting on a bench staring at the ground. She looked so melancholy that I stopped. She looked up and I said, “You look like you need a hug.” She laughed and said “Do I?” I smiled but kept walking.

I soon passed a guy who said to me with arms wide, open, “I could use a hug!”