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Be awesome, instead


We may be laughing, but it actually helps. Lol

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Proposal Fail

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/b3f/52627338/files/2014/12/img_0372.jpg I’d be horrified (embarrassed) if I jumped to that conclusion… I wonder what happened after? Lol

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IMG_0763.JPG Getting back together – or staying with – someone who lied and cheated is NOT a prize to me. I’m sorry, all those posts about working it out annoy me. Folks shouldn’t lie and cheat in the first place, and in my opinion the only one who wins in those cases are the people who lied and cheated.

Welcome to the series of posts that started 1YearOfSingle.

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What A Girl Wants

IMG_0754.JPG Have you ever had that internal conversation with yourself about your significant other, thinking “Why don’t they do this? or, “Why won’t they do that?” Chances are it’s nothing they want to do, it’s only something YOU would do. And that’s where the dilemma comes in. While you should know the things you want in a partner, you also need to realize it’s a list that most likely stems from your own personality traits. Why don’t they do it? Because it’s not in their personality – it’s in yours. And if it’s not in their personality, and you want it, ultimately THEY are not who you want. I was in shock thinking, “How can he NOT want an honest relationship where we work together as partners??” Then I realized – that’s what I want. HE didn’t want that.

Being Single, Breakups, Cheaters, Dating, Dysfunctional, Life, Marriage, Memories, Quotes, Recovery Help, Red Flags, Relationships

Coward & Validation

IMG_0753.JPG He still has no balls to say, “Hey, I’m sorry for making up that huge elaborate story about how I’m getting a divorce and that I tried to get my parents-in-law to get my ex-wife to sign the already drawn-up divorce paperwork THEN told you later that I never said any of that,” just watches me everywhere and gets on elevators with me trying to strike up conversations. No, thank you. Because I have nothing left to give you. But you know what would help? “I’m so sorry I wrecked you.” That would actually help. But if he doesn’t have the balls to remove his kids from a toxic environment, he definitely won’t have the balls to ever say, “I’m sorry.”