Have you ever had a celebrity encounter?

I ran across a funny post about celebrity encounters while searching StumbleUpon. I’ve only had two interesting celebrity encounters:

1.) I was walking on Lexinton Ave. in New York City years ago when I’m pretty sure Julianna Margulies – during the height of her E.R. days – passed me on the sidewalk. My face must have shown recognition because her eyebrows rose in an “Oh shit,” fashion from behind her sunglasses.

At that point I just smiled; I didn’t want to disturb her peace. When she realized I recognized her but wasn’t going to say anything, she calmed, smiled at me purposely and walked by. Nothing too monumental, but considering most celebrities don’t even acknowledge other people, it was nice to know she was paying attention. You’re welcome, Julianna.

2.) Back in the ’90s there was a freestyle group called “TKA.” They were HUGE and one of the small clubs on Long Island, New York, was actually able to book the group. One guy started chatting with me as I stood at the bar with a friend. In typical “me” fashion, I didn’t believe a word he said when, “I’m actually singing here tonight” came out of his mouth.

I must have given him my usual skeptical eyebrow raise because he added, “Hold on…” then disappeared. I figured like most club guys, he was gone – moving on to the next honey in spandex skirt, pleather racing jacket and moussed hair. The lights changed and the MC announced the band: “Blah blah blah… TKA!!!!”  while scantily dressed girls screamed and rushed the stage. I still remained standing at the bar on the opposite side of the club, but now with jaw dropped, and laughing. The dude singing on stage pointed at me, smiled and waved.

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