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Caffeine is a liar

Dear God, I just cried in my office! For any of you that think caffeine doesn’t affect some people, think again.

For about three months I went on the Caffeine Wagon. Life was awesome. Things were great! Love and happiness were abound! Whoohoo!

Enter one breakup and multiple cups of caffeine and I’m insane. And – sorry to horrify you with this, but – mix in pms and it’s a recipe for complete emotional psychosis. One minute I’m conquering the world, the next I’m either wanting to punch people or crying like a lunatic, like the toddler photo that surfaces when you Google “crying.”

Caffeine, screw you with all your Alertness promises. I’m getting a punching bag, box of tissues and drinking water from now on.

I just have to finish this last iced latte…