You’ve been shit on? You’ve come to the right place.

You poor thing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been dumped or did the dumping. I can honestly say that it sucks chunks on both sides. But the problem is that now you have to deal with the wreckage that’s left, learn to live a single life and move on in a healthy fashion without burning a blazing path in your wake.

IMG_3536.JPGWhen I created this blog, there were so many self-appointed Dating Experts that I cringed. Thankfully, I realized my expertise was really in Breakup Recovery, but I couldn’t find any sites at the time that actually focused on what to do and how to heal after a breakup. What we all need is not a push back into dating (I believe that’s the worst thing to do after a long relationship) but to heal properly before returning – that was the huge step that everyone was missing. It’s the process of how to heal after a breakup that I focus on.

So what do you do after a breakup? What’s the first thing that will help you ease the pain of your crushed heart? Good question. My advice – and do it sooner than later because, believe me, you’ll need it often:

1.) Go to an office supply store and get yourself a multipack of Steno Pads

2.) In the first Steno Pad, start listing the things that annoyed the shit out of you about your new ex.

I’m in the process of updating this blog, so I’ll post the Whys, Hows, Whens soon. So stay tuned for more Breakup Recovery steps. Email me if you have to. Follow me on my other social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. And hang in there. It does get easier.



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