The Law Of Attraction

Don’t give up on the real deal. Imagine yourself with a real love every night before you fall asleep, enjoy how it will feel to be with that person, and it will come to you. 🌹 

I can tell you countless cases when the Law of Attraction actually worked for me. The first time I realized I was actually using the Law of Attraction was years ago when I was watching the movie The Secret. I was in shock as I watched. All the experts in the movie were explaining the best methods of using the Law of Atraction, and I was thinking, “Oh my God, that’s exactly what I was doing in college!” 

In college I would lay down at night and think about the best day I could have. Sometimes I would imagine the most outlandish success possible. Ironically, just as the experts in The Secret did, I called the events of those years “magical” because I was pulling in sucess left and right. I had no guilt about deserving success – I just imagined it for fun. Little did I know that it was considered the laws of the universe. 

You may choose to think it’s all B.S., and that’s fine – sometimes it feels “hokey” to me too. But if you’ve had back experiences your entire life, wouldn’t it be worth trying something new?

Last year I imagine having the love of my life. This year I have him. Oh my God. 


Thanks, Meg and Rebecca!

During a dramatic train station closing last night, I had the pleasuring of meeting two fellow young ladies in the masses of commuters heading from Penn Station, NYC…

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It’s Summer – Practice Your Positives!

Friday! ☀️🎉 For some of you, it’s Summer Friday. You slept in, grabbed your beach bag and left your laptops at home. For the rest of us, it’s better commute times and ample parking. Either way, your best bet for a good day is staying positive, and looking for the love in your day. List the positive things about YOUR day below! 👊🏼❤️👍🏻 

I need to do this!

Stay away from crazies

Let them criticize who they think you are

My parents. They seem to be the never-ending cause of stress in my life. As the years move on, I’ve been discovering the full scope of how disturbed they really are. This encompasses both my mother’s insatiable desire to f!ck with people’s lives, and my father’s inability to either help the victims or control my mother. 

This is all still occurring despite not having any contact with them for years now.

My mother controlled what my father thought. “Oh, it’s okay she hates me,” she would say breathily, patting her chest dramatically, “I’ll just make them more chocolate chip cookies and see if that helps.” This would infuriate my father for two reasons: He actually knew she was being manipulative, but he also hated to see her (supposedly) hurting and making more of an effort. Yet, despite temporarily being able to call her bluff, he eventually fell into full submission of her passive-aggressive control and fought battles for her. (I’m assuming he was hoping the victims would comply so her manipulation would end. But it never did. She just moved on to new victims.)

Part of my mother’s control tactics was labeling people. “She’s the smart one, it’s a shame she doesn’t use it,” or “She’s the heavy one – she was always a little jealous.” When I was around four-years-old, I was labeled the liar in our family, and my parents persistently attached it to me for years.

Recently I was thinking about the absurdity of the label, wondering why they chose “liar.” Repeatedly I recalled being hit for ridiculous things: making too much noise putting pots away, not eating dinner quickly enough, having a “fresh” mouth (what kid isn’t a little fresh every now and then?) I soon realized I probably did lie – in order to not be hit anymore, because I distinctly remember denying I broke things to avoid beatings. (The beatings were the type that made you huddle in a corner screaming, “Stop! Daddy stop hitting me! Please, Daddy! Daddy, please! Daddy, stop!”)

So yeah, I lied. The lying didn’t help though – obviously – I was still beaten. 

Nowadays, because I’ve disassociated from both parents and two sisters, the only way they can hurt me is through my son or my reputation. I hear from my son how they gossip – even about others who are still in the family. Just the other day I learned my mother has been spreading rumours that one sister is an alcoholic. It shocked me to hear this, considering the target – my eldest sister – still speaks to my mother religiously. But as unfortunate as it is for that sister, it validates my theory that even if I remained “in the family” I’d still be shredded by my mother (with a soft voice and gentle chest pats like she, herself, is fragile and deserving of gentle care). 

(After all, the soft voice must prove she’s telling the truth, right?)
I now realize it’s useless to defend myself, prove my innocence, reconnect or even vocalize disgust. My mother will still mess with me. And so I’ll let her assume I am whatever she concocts. And that’s fine. Cause I’ve finally come to the conclusion – and labeled her – as a sad, sick, pathetic woman. 



My favorite Prince song 

Your mother Tweeted her crotch again today


 Oh Kim. Such a pretty girl, sinking as low as to going in this direction for attention. After years of breakups, my experience has taught me that if you start doing crazy shit, your relationship has serious problems.

While I haven’t gone as far as Tweeting my crotch to the world, I’ve been there. I’ve felt desperate before. I’ve been there. You’ve been there. Bette has been there. But while the rest of us may have struggled to hold onto whatever modicum of dignity that we were able to muster, Kim Kardashian tossed it all — along with her skivvies — in order to gain the attention of people she doesn’t even know. The public.

Do you think she says to herself, “Cool, now that middle-aged guy with the beer gut and combover in East Bumblefuck, New York can’t stop thinking about me!” Do you you she thinks about the repercussions of any of her actions? Doubt it. 

What about her kids? Let’s pretend that her children are old enough — and intelligent enough — to care what their mother does. How horrified would they be if the teacher called them aside and told them: “Mr. Combover, the principal, showed me a picture of your mom. Apparently your mother has been Tweeting her crotch on social media again.”

Poor lambs.

I think the world may be tired of seeing Kim Kardashian. Sorry Kim. You seem like a nice girl. But I would love for you to Tweet something we havent seen yet: your dignity.

Milkshake Round 2


Better Off

It’s always a good day when you realize you’re better off. // Huge thanks to @vanessa4311 for the brilliant inspiration on this one 😘🙌🏼 To all my people living a healthy, non-toxic, non-jacked life: GOOD JOB. Stay strong. The best is yet to come. Believe that.

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Karma’s Plan is better than anything you can imagine


A Red Flag

If you do this, the relationship won’t survive. 

Modern Art


Dating the family & friends, too