I’m not completely useless in the kitchen, but after repeatedly being hit by my father whenever I accidentally allowed one pan to clank against another, I stopped cooking for people. The kitchen turned into a place of ridicule and blah blah blah – why get into it? – at this point I’d like to move on to a happier place, and that includes cooking for my son, extended family and friends with little to no stress involved. I want to cook well enough where photographing a dish won’t bring me to faux tears.

I already have an assortment of cookbooks, but today I purchased Better Homes & Gardens Special Interests magazine, Breakfast & Brunch.* I love this magazine! It’s got great recipes that I actually am interested in making.

Breakfast & BrunchBesides the cookbooks, I’d like to take a cooking class at Sur la table or Williams Sonoma. Something simple to start. I’ve got a few friends that are willing to go with me, so I don’t even have to start alone, although going alone will probably bolster my feeling independence and strength. 

So maybe I’ll cook a few things and post there. Honestly – 1 Year of Single shouldn’t just be about dating. I find that too boring!

* I tried to find a direct link for you, but BH&G online didn’t provide a direct translation of the magazine. I’m assuming they went digital and so don’t provide it free-of-charge, so you’ll have to buy the subscription via iTunes or other device. (*Side note: more popular magazines now have digital versions that are starting to be filled with extras, so purchasing the tablet version may be worth it!)

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