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Not Really the End

2015/01/img_1256.jpg There are moments in life where you realize your old life is over. If you’ve even gone as far as seeing a psychic, they may have pulled a Death card on you. Generally this means something in your life has ended — not necessarily that your life is ending. Could be the “death” or end of your old way of life, the end of a friendship, job, relationship or connection. And sometimes it’s not a bad thing. Could be a blessing in disguise.

Dating · Horoscope · Life · Relationships

Sunday Horoscope – Capricorn

Capricorn horoscope for Oct, 27, 2013

You need to find an ally or a soul mate or a kindred spirit who can understand and relate to an idea of yours. If you have been doing some creative brainstorming, but you don’t have an outlet to manifest what you are dreaming of, then think about teaming up with someone who can grasp what you are envisioning. This is an excellent time to put that kind of creative mojo into action. Whatever you start now will have a great chance of garnering great success. But don’t put it off any longer, Capricorn.

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