Live Broadcasting: Live Breakup Recovery Help

If I had someone out there willing to listen to me immediately while I had a meltdown in my apartment about the last schmuck that wasn’t worth me, I would have been able to condense my breakup recovery into half the time. And while I could research a thousand articles, what good was it when I barely found anything even remotely related to my situation?

That’s why I’m broadcasting live. Starting with Periscope, I’m giving you a possibility to communicate one-on-one with someone who’s been there multiple times, and knows how to heal quicker than ever. Healing after a breakup is a science, and I’ve got it down.

With Periscope, you can enter anonymously if you want, listen, or ask questions and make comments – without others making you feel like… well… a dumbass. And I’m not only helping women here, I’m – ironically – helping a lot of guys too. In my friendly, everyday, sweet, purdy New York style. Okay? Eh? No sweat. You got this.

Check out @1YearOfSingle on Periscope. Live Broadcasts Thursdays at 10pm and Sunday’s 10pm (ET).

Live Broadcasting: Live Breakup Recovery Help


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