Your mother Tweeted her crotch again today


 Oh Kim. Such a pretty girl, sinking as low as to going in this direction for attention. After years of breakups, my experience has taught me that if you start doing crazy shit, your relationship has serious problems.

While I haven’t gone as far as Tweeting my crotch to the world, I’ve been there. I’ve felt desperate before. I’ve been there. You’ve been there. Bette has been there. But while the rest of us may have struggled to hold onto whatever modicum of dignity that we were able to muster, Kim Kardashian tossed it all — along with her skivvies — in order to gain the attention of people she doesn’t even know. The public.

Do you think she says to herself, “Cool, now that middle-aged guy with the beer gut and combover in East Bumblefuck, New York can’t stop thinking about me!” Do you you she thinks about the repercussions of any of her actions? Doubt it. 

What about her kids? Let’s pretend that her children are old enough — and intelligent enough — to care what their mother does. How horrified would they be if the teacher called them aside and told them: “Mr. Combover, the principal, showed me a picture of your mom. Apparently your mother has been Tweeting her crotch on social media again.”

Poor lambs.

I think the world may be tired of seeing Kim Kardashian. Sorry Kim. You seem like a nice girl. But I would love for you to Tweet something we havent seen yet: your dignity.

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