WordPress – get your act together

I tried to consistently post to WordPress, but Instagram won because  it allows me to sync-post (let’s just call it that) to Flickr, FourSquare, Twitter and FaceBook. Sadly, when I attempt to post to WordPress, I get the error messages below. So you’re all only seeing about 1/5 of my posts. I can’t image WordPress wants it this way. It’s like the plumber only half-unclogging your toilet. It’s a bunch of sh!t. I just started posting on Google+ and updated my Facebook. I’m also on HootSuite — which allows sync-posting as well. WordPress — you’re slowing me down.

If any of you have any suggestions as to how to speed-up WordPress’ “Please wait — your media is uploading…” Let me know!

(Ironically this is what happened when I posted this!)

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