At the end of my weekend

After two days of holding our garage sale, I put what little was left at the end of the driveway with a “Free” sign on the road. While I cleaned inside the house, I saw car after car slow, then drive away. I suspected they either had too much pride to stop, or simply changed their mind. Finally, one truck stopped. A small family rummaged through the pile of pretty-good clothing, toys and home decor. I watched through the window as the boys loaded the truck while wearing toy fireman hats. The smaller boy jumped up and down when he discovered a full bag of Fisher Price doctor toys. When they finally drove away, the boys and the father were all wearing hats. From the distance it looked like my little pile of throwaways made their day. I stood inside the house, unbelievably moved and grateful for the experience, and couldn’t help think how some people in our society cut others down to get ahead. This family will never know me, but I’ll never forget them.

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