Do the right thing

 Maybe more of us would do the right thing if ever there was a reward for doing the right thing. // i stepped out of a few bad relationships, and each time I got a little better refining my grace while doing so. God is now testing me by seeing if I’ll bow out of a situation where I’m being slandered so badly that it’s affecting my income. What I want to go is gather the endless hard evidence and witnesses and present to a higher authority. But after leaving the last relationship and now finding my new love, I have the desire to see if gracefully leaving a toxic work environment will produce similarly rewarding results. It’s hard to stay silent when you witness things, and see the captor of emotional hostages get promoted. But such is life. Sometime the cruel, jealous liars get away with murder. But as a friend of mine once said, “Everything works out in the end. If it doesn’t, it’s not the end.” 

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