return to your hobbies

The word “hobby” is such a dorky word. For me, it conjurs up a dusty old man in overalls, tapping miniature nails into a wooden toy airplane on a worn basement workbench, while a tin pendulum light illuminates the dust flying around his graying mustache. I’m sure assembling toys is fun for some, but nowadays “hobbies” usually refer to other more technologically advanced interests. For me, it’s photography and graphic design. 

I had a follower ask me the other day if I had methods to get over someone. I definitely do. It’s the reason for the existance of this blog — to reveal my methods to the masses. After all, have you ever come across another Breakup Recovery Expert?

One of the methods I covet is the Hobbies — or Bucket List — method. All you have to do is summarize things you once loved to do, that you eventually let slip away or couldn’t do when you were dating your ex. Then go out and do them. The method is obviously deeper than that, but pretty simplistic at the same time. 

In the last few years, I’ve been derailed not only by an ex, but by my career. Because my job isnt nurturing my career, I’ve often looked back to my hobbies to fulfill that daily heartbreak from my current job. I’m not designing. And I’m not photographing anything. So I occassionally shoot someone or throw together a branding package. And in this case, it’s a quick Instagram ad for Jeannie Powers, local radio celebrity on Long Island, New York. Jeannie’s expertise is The Hollywood Hit List, a pop culture and entertainment news report for Long Island News Radio 103.9. I photographed her some time ago, but she needed an Instagram ad. She didn’t ask. I insisted. Her response: 

“Omfg … I love it.” 

And I love you, Sugar Plum! Lol. Check her out every Friday — she’ll be sure to bring you out of your breakup funk!

There’s a good chance you’ll feel lost after the shock of a breakup dies down. It’s at that point when you need to sumatize your Hobbies list. 

Let me — and others — know here if you’ve tried this method before. It’s worked really well for me and I’m hoping you all get some relief from it as well. 



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