Years ago I had to listen to the same person complain about the unfairness of her life, how she was “fat” and “if I had your body, I’d have a boyfriend.” (I had my body and I still didn’t have a boyfriend.) 

What it really comes down to is personality. Men — and women too — are really ultimately sold on a person’s personality. Not what they look like, and (ultimately) not just what they say.

I’ve had the same girl constantly tell me how horrible her life was. Her man was horrible to her, her parents, her co-workers, the company… Yet, this girl is on another promotion at work, her parents dote on her and her boyfriend is now her husband.

People like this can make you wonder if Karma is drunk in a back alley somewhere not paying attention. And unfortunately to wish Karma would knock her back down to earth by exposing all her cruelty would be too similar to her path in life, so I’ll take the high road and let it go as much as possible. But it’s difficult. 
Dealing with people like this isnt easy. The best thing you can do is stop talking about it, and remove yourself from the situation and quickly — and with as much dignity — as you can. 

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