travel alone if you must, but travel

This used to make me so angry. No one wants to get involved. And the abusers know that. So the victims are left abandoned to fend for themselves in their shock. No wonder the cycles of abuse continue. The solution: Stop buying into the victim mentality and save yourself. It took me a long time to accept this. But I did. And this road less traveled DID make all the difference.  

2 thoughts on “travel alone if you must, but travel

  1. I needed to hear this. Twice I’ve traveled this past month, and it was very liberating. I plan to do it more often. I’d rather travel solo anyway instead of with folks.
    That way you can soak it all in…

    My humble thanks to you!

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    1. Youre the best for commenting, thanks. My friends and I discovered the liberating feeling of traveling aline as well too. And it helps if you shoot along the way too. Photography is difficult in groups where others don’t shoot. They don’t get how we can stand in one place for 15 minutes looking at something. Lol

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