Rain Speeches or Surprise?

IMG_0046.JPG So I walked out of work last night and into light rain. At first I was thinking, “Okay no big deal that my umbrella was still upstairs in the office because Im on my way to the subway, and that’s only a block away. I then hit block after block of BLOCKADES, thanks to what looked like the NYPD. But no one really knows since no information was shared. So the group of now-irate commuters walked for blocks like prodded cows, the blockade guards stood silent, allowing people to get pissed-off because we had 1.) No idea why the blockades were up 2.) No idea how to get around the blockades to get HOME 3.) No detour information. Im at a loss for how some folks can force others into ignorance and NOT expect a riot? Common sense here, people. Hello. I was trying to not feel sorry for myself, even considering yesterday was a horrendous day. So there I was, getting rained-on and detoured, and thinking that people are so negative about the rain. I’d get soaked even if I had the umbrella. So would it be worth hearing – all day, “It’s going to rain! It’s going to rain!” Or not knowing at all and walking into the monsoon? Either way, something’s raining on my parade. Lol

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