1 Year of Single is Over

LOL I can’t… I can’t actually take that headline seriously. It’s not like I have any options anyway. Anyone who I’ve been interested in isn’t interested, and anyone who’s interested in me – I’m not interested in.

Let me put it another way: Toxic guys aren’t what I want. And healthy guys are scared of me or taken. And quite frankly – I’m tired of making efforts.

Thankfully the last year has drastically altered by priorities. I spent the day enjoy the great outdoors with a small troop of 7-year-olds on a soccer field and it was fun.

I can’t believe a year flew by.

4 thoughts on “1 Year of Single is Over

  1. We all want companionship. Now, companionship does not always mean marriage or a relationship. You seem like a fun individual, just bursting with energy, and always have something funny to say. Keep having fun, lady. You never know who us actually watching…even if no one is watching you’re still having fun and that’s all that matters. Smile 😉 you made it!


      1. Totally worth it. I spent a lifetime feeling compelled to fulfill my mother’s need to find me a husband. I couldn’t enjoy life without guilt until now. Although I don’t speak to her anymore either. But the last year allowed me to purge some things and focus on myself, guilt-free.

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