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Where I’m Going

The last few months I’ve been contemplating my little journey of one year of single. It started when the last guy decided to go back to his abusive wife and I was again left feeling like being a self-assured, good person wasn’t getting me anywhere. Guys seem to want a-holes so they don’t have to live up to any expectations.

Men say they don’t want drama, but they return to suicidal cheaters. They say they want loyal girls, but they cheat and return to cheaters. They say they want good girls, but they’re jerks and date only jerks who have a multitude of problems.

And yet they say I have drama because I stopped talking to abusive parents? How is that any worse than continuously being involved with abusive parents? I made the move. I did the work. As far as I’m concerned, these guys are drama because they haven’t made the move or done the work.

So while I haven’t written many posts in weeks, it’s been on my mind constantly. I’m vastly different than I was last year. I’ve learned a lot, and yet I still feel like I’m only part-way through this journey.

In the last few weeks alone I’ve overcome and handled a few obstacles regarding men that I would have dove head-first into last year. For example, when he bends the lie enough to seem truthful, I would have accepted the relationship again. Today, I see it for what it is: an immature attempt to manipulate the truth.

I don’t have time for that and I’m not looking for that as the foundation of a relationship. And after this past year I can honestly add that I’m finally not even wanting a relationship. I’ll gladly start a friendship with any guy that may eventually lead to something more, but jumping into something heavy? I’m not there yet.

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