Dating Red Flag: Liars


The guy I was previously seeing seemed so well-accustomed to lying that he lied about things I didn’t even care about.

For example: He and his co-workers went out one night. “It’ll just be me and Vinny,” he told me. A week later I saw them all gathering at the door, including a few females. I didn’t think anything of it until he avoided all conversation about the night. He had no idea that I dont get stupid about these things because he had been married to the same bi-polar woman since high school, and was preconditioned to believe I’d flip out.

This presents a multi-pronged red flag:
1.) He had no problem lying
2.) He didn’t even bother to find out if I would care or not
3.) He assumed I was just like his (ex-) wife
4.) He was automatically treating me like his (ex-) wife
5.) He had no problem creating another relationship that was just like his current married relationship
6.) By falling into the same patterns, he was displaying his desire to remain in shitty relationships

The man was so used to shitty relationships, and clearly ready to accept another shitty relationship, that he didn’t bother to even see if I was different.

Huge, wet, slapping Red Flag.

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