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Mature Men Can Handle Hellos (Single Girl Problems)

I passed another employee in the hall today and like I do with everyone, I said, “Hello.” He stared at me and walked by. I know nothing about him other than he works in the next department over, so I found it slightly amusing and wondered if he thinks I was hitting on him with my hello, considering I saw him a week prior with a girl.

I hate to burst his bubble, but he’s not my style and I’m pretty sure he couldn’t handle me even if I was trying to hit on him.

I love men who are able to handle simple things like a “hello” in the hallway. The guy I once called “The Love of My Life” would have simply said, “Hello” – no matter who it was – and kept walking. But he was mature. Not so sure this guy is. Thankfully my only intention was to be polite.

2 thoughts on “Mature Men Can Handle Hellos (Single Girl Problems)

  1. You startled him with you beauty and rendered him speechless, Lol. I don’t like when guys turn every conversation in a flirt a-thon …can we just chat. I don’t like you so let’s just chat and have fun 😉 say “boo” the next time you see him. Pahaaahaa


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