Being Single Life

Mature Men Can Handle Hellos (Single Girl Problems)

I passed another employee in the hall today and like I do with everyone, I said, “Hello.” He stared at me and walked by. I know nothing about him other than he works in the next department over, so I found it slightly amusing and wondered if he thinks I was hitting on him with my hello, considering I saw him a week prior with a girl.

I hate to burst his bubble, but he’s not my style and I’m pretty sure he couldn’t handle me even if I was trying to hit on him.

I love men who are able to handle simple things like a “hello” in the hallway. The guy I once called “The Love of My Life” would have simply said, “Hello” – no matter who it was – and kept walking. But he was mature. Not so sure this guy is. Thankfully my only intention was to be polite.


  1. You startled him with you beauty and rendered him speechless, Lol. I don’t like when guys turn every conversation in a flirt a-thon …can we just chat. I don’t like you so let’s just chat and have fun 😉 say “boo” the next time you see him. Pahaaahaa

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