33 Things Males Seem To Not Understand, Because Male Privilege


Thought Catalog

I recently read this article about “female privilege” on Thought Catalog by a guy named Mark Saunders and decided that I can’t let it go unaddressed. So, to counter the 18 advantages that the author believes females apparently have over males:


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1. Male privilege is being comfortable with walking down the street at night without fear of sexual assault (Saunders, you realize that your first point of men not being able to walk down the street without being feared as an assaulter is something to blame men for, not women, right?).

2. Male privilege is being able to ask out girls because it’s the norm; when a girl asks a guy out, she is interpreted to be too ballsy or aggressive and depriving the guy of the role. Male privilege is also not having to deal with overeager, oversexed, unsolicited “creepiness.”

3. Male privilege is being able…

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