I just realized I’m a little devastated about the newest breakup and it’s making me want to shut down this blog completely and retreat. Not really sure what to do. Thoughts?

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  1. The best way to heal is by writing… can be quite helpful. Don’t retreat because of a man who wasn’t even worthy of your heart….he showed his true colors and saved you years and years of sadness and regret.


    1. The other thing I was considering is going a lot more positive. After reading and watching “The Secret,” and after witnessing it myself, I actually do believe being positive helps. And constantly motivated to vent here wasn’t my initial intention. I’m thinking about changing the focus of this blog from venting to refocusing.


      1. I am a big fan of the Secret too….changing your format could be helpful in the healing process. Recovering from a shattered heart takes time, so drink some wine….have a bowl of ice cream, take a nice long bubble bath, watch a movie where the woman kicks ass and buy yourself a killer outfit 🙂


  2. Oh no! Hope you feel better soon. It hurts, I know. He’s a douche. When I’ve gone through this, I wrote about it in a diary and once my emotions weren’t involved, I re-read it and was like…”what was I thinking??? Did my common sense go on vacation and leave me behind???” LOL 1YOS-Cheer up, chin up and smile so the right guy who comes along next sees your happy face 🙂


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