The Prince is a Frog

Some of you may have been wondering where I’ve been, and I love you for that. A few months ago I received a voicemail from Married Guy’s wife, accusing me of ! him, which was a joke because he and I weren’t even speaking since the summer when I called it off so that he can make his last-ditch-effort to be with the woman who cheated on him. But after suffering seeing him weekly, then hearing that voicemail, I confronted him his in office. He apologized profusely and said she’s just desperate because she knows that he’s “done” and even told me that “she won’t sign the paperwork, I even went as far as offering her money.” I was stunned and quite happy to hear he chose a direction. He seemed quite determined, but it seemed his decision to proceed with the divorce lifted a weight from his shoulders. I believed him.

I also told him that if she was going to call me and accuse me of things months after I stopped speaking to him, that she can go scratch now. I was trying to be respectful, but at this point – quite honestly – I had no problem spending time with him since he was proceeding with everything.

And so weeks pass and things were fine. I feel like he was going through what I had when I left my husband – so I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

Last night during a texting conversion he told me that he never said he had (divorce) paperwork. And after I regurgitated several ways in which he did indeed tell me “she won’t aign the paperwork,” he basically ended the conversation.

At which point I told him to lose my number.

A year ago When I met him, I gave him the benefit of the doubt because I had gone through the same situations when I left my husband. Months ago I gave him the benefit of the doubt because he seemed to honestly have a direction, wanted a healthy relationship and wanted to protect his kids. And up until yesterday he told me things to support that theory.

I think I’m in shock. I’m so tired of being lied to. Theres such a fine line between being trusting and being a door mat. And people say, “Be careful!” But honestly – how do you really do that?

I’m so numb and disheartened by the entire thing. But I do want to thank the guy on the train for giving me a tissue. Thanks, guy.

10 thoughts on “The Prince is a Frog

  1. like i said before “what an ass” !!!
    I’m sorry you had to go through that with him …. I hate when guys make you question your sanity WHEN you fully know what he did or said. What do they think we are, idiots?


    1. I hear you, definitely. It’s my fault for letting him back in though right? Got to work on that. I may reset the Single clock again – clearly haven’t learned my lesson. Would be great if I knew what the lesson was though.


      1. You see the good in people and you hope that their WORD is genuine when you let them back into your life. It’s not your fault for having a trusting heart….gals like us have to learn our lesson a couple times before we finally get it!!


        1. Maybe, Jolene. At this point, twice is enough for me. I have to now wait to be attracted to someone else because it takes me years to find someone that I find that attractive. The positive side is that I’m doing more things for myself lately!


          1. That’s important and just watch ….once you stop focusing on men and more on you, someone will come along and try to distract you. Happens ALL the time.


              1. ohhh don’t insult Cats!! hahahaha….. cats can be temperamental but they are cute and furry and purr when you stroke them right! Cats will bring you unwanted gifts at times (ok, men do that to) and meow until they are fed (ok …men do that to) but cats don’t tell tall stories…haha


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