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Clean House

20140310-183623.jpgI’m newly in love with Niecy Nash and the crew of “Clean House” since I’ve been watching in on Netflix while I clean my own place. But honestly – while I love the entire group – my admiration is mostly for Nash. She makes me laugh with her vibrant sassiness!

One woman on the show owned a “coffee table” that was previously used in India – centuries ago – to “cart the dead.” The woman didn’t want to sell the nasty ol’ thing in a garage sale. Really? Cause dead people DNA on the bottom of your glass of iced tea isn’t a problem? Hello! Uh!

Since watching the show I’ve cleaned out two closets, bagged and donated three garbage bags of useful clothing, and compiled a list of sellable items.

Let’s put “Clean House” on my To-Do list and cross it off, cause baby – a Clean House has been a desire of mine since leaving my dysfunctional parents’ home! I’m well on my way to uncluttered happiness! Uh!

4 thoughts on “Clean House

  1. Doubt I’d watch the show, but she’s also on a show called, The Soul Man. Pretty funny 😉 I’m guessing that’s on Netflix too! Oh, I cleaned overtime this weekend …I always feel accomplished when I’m done . You go, girl!


    1. Ok I just checked Netflix but no such luck. I cut out cable because I’m never home to watch anyway, if you can believe that! / I do as well. Except lately I dont ever feel finished. Could be because I “clean with A.D.D., as my friends say. A little in this room, a little in that room… Come back to this room… What was I doing in that room??” Lol


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