Favorite Instagram post of 2013

This just in, kids! My favorite Instagram post based on Jay Z’s “99 Problems” and jammed into the ever-awesome SomeECard created by yours truly.

A few years ago my screamin’-white boyfriend, who happened to love Jay Z, pumped up the music in his BMW and sang while whipping his head around in a typical questionable-sexual-orientation kind of way. The only thing I can say about this eyebrow-raising scenario is that the song was a great choice – even if he had no idea what it meant. During another argument over the phone he snapped, “Remember that song? I got 99 Problems but a bitch ain’t one.” Uhm… Okay. Thanks?

It’s been over a year since I’ve blocked him on just about every meaningful social network and I must say, this SomeECard-inspired Instagram post is still my fav. I expect to have some ups and downs in 2014, but that dick won’t be one! Whapang!


2 thoughts on “Favorite Instagram post of 2013

  1. Oh no he didn’t call you that, lol. But you moved on. And, yikes JayZ bumpers scare me. Okay, I’m just not into rap but that Illuminati stuff freaks me out too. Haaha


    1. 1 Year of Single
      He was Faux Class, wanting everyone to see how “classy” he was. While overall he may have been a little more than others I had dated, that little doozy set him back a few pegs in my book.

      As for the Jay Z and rap – I love it, and the song is awesome. But the thing about my ex is that he thought he was the only one who knew music. Maybe that’s where the Illuminati part comes in? Not sure, I’m a little green on that 😉

      Thanks for the reply, twrightlove!

      – 1YOS


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