It’s Time!

I started this blog months ago and it was my intention back then to create a list of things that I wanted to do this year. After months of unintended misdirection brought on from dating drama, I’ve decided to formulate my list starting today!

It’s meaty! The first things I’m working on is dumping a photo group that I currently organize. Marketing and correspondence alone takes about 8 hours a week. After that there’s research, networking, planning and producing outings and workshops. To lead a group successfully, it takes more than 20 hours a week. I’m done with putting time in for this because I’m never really benefitting from running the group. I’m like the teacher who doesn’t get paid well because I’m teaching all my students how to get paid well!

Other things on the list include cooking class, wine tasting, hiking, movies with friends…

I’m looking forward to the next few months. Maybe some of the time that I put into the old photo groups can now be put into me! Have any of you revamped yourself like this before?

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