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Last Night’s Dream

I’m having a lot of water dreams lately-what’s up with that? Last night I dream that I was on a very old rusted party or fishing boat that started to sink, so a few of us calmly jumped off into the water to the life boats. But the lifeboats were not substantial-they were flimsy, like the boats that you blow up for Barbie toys. They even had those little plugs…

There was a guy with me who needed a lifeboat too, so I told him to get in with me. The two of us jumped in a small blow-up boat, but very quickly, the boat sank and was underwater while we were still sitting in it. I pointed it out to the guy – who seemed completely oblivious – and we both jumped out to look for another lifeboat.

I had no idea who this guy was in my dream, but the more we looked for lifeboats the more clear it became that he liked me. The water started receding and pavement eventually appeared, so the fear of drowning was no longer a possibility. I laid down on the pavement in my light-peach cocktail dress to wait for him while he spoke to a friend about me. I felt like we were connected like friends and that I should wait.

Who is he? Is he coming over here? OMG I’m so tired, were my last thoughts before I put my head on the warm pavement to rest and –

EHH ehh ehh! My alarm went off.

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