Another pseudo-psychic moment at Dunkin donuts

I was standing online at Dunkin’ Donuts waiting for the guy behind the counter and checking my money in my wallet. I saw a key in my wallet-it’s a key that was one of two copies going to my new babysitter. I thought to myself that I should take that key out of my wallet… A man then ran into Dunkin’ Donuts crying, “Do you have my key? I lost my key I can’t get into my car!” He was talking to the young man behind the counter but I was so weirded-out that I slinked out of Dunkin’ Donuts. Back just to ease my guilt I checked the parking lot ground as I walked to my car… Very weird! I’m hoping next time there’s a hot guy in my wallet and I’m hoping some hot guy runs into Dunkin’ Donuts screaming “Where’s my girlfriend?!”

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