Brands that should sponsor me!

I’m in advertising. Most of my brain revolves around graphic design, photography, marketing, social media and blah blah blah. So while I type on my Apple, sitting in my Aeropostale while adjusting my Victoria’s Secret, I’m mostly thinking about how I should stop Hoovering Tostitos, so I throw down a Godiva, slug some Aquafina and fish through my Coach where I move the Oakley’s to get to the Wrigley’s. Yeah, your brand should sponsor me! Check out “Brands That Should Sponsor Me!” above for a list of brands that I think should sponsor me. Oh yeah, I’m totally serious!

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1 Year Of Single

✨ Breakup Recovery Guru ✨ 💔⛑♥️ Loves great dads & moms, #positivity, #☕️, #quotes, #MEMES, #kids, #love & #laugh

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