The Benefit of Lateness


4 thoughts on “The Benefit of Lateness

  1. I was trying to explain how he was looking at me today to a friend of mine later. It wasn’t a creepy stare, more like… a gaze… the man was gazing at me. He was GAZING. When’s the last time anyone gazed at you, twrightlove? lol


      1. Oh yeah gawking is creepy. Sounds like you could use some gazing going on in your life 😉 It should be interesting if I see the guy again. I’m usually creeped-out by guys who look at me that long without saying a word but this was vastly different. Now, MarriedGuy stares at me from his department over to me on the other side, but it’s more like a “I can’t believe I gave up her for a psycho” kind of stare. LOL 😉


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