I think I'm the one...
I think I’m the one…

Mud Race

I want to do a mud race. Any in New York that anyone can suggest? I want to get together a girl team for 2014


Music Reminders

I hate when you’re in a store or the car and that one significant song comes on. Lol It’s like a bad joke. 😛

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Hey hey hey, Goodbye!

I hate the yucky feeling you get after telling someone goodbye that leads to posts like this. It makes me want to smack the happy back into the poster – except today it’s me.

The day I tell a guy that he’s done me wrong, I’m all, “Whoohoo!” but within a few days my world is gray again. I know I did the right thing – yet again – but I’m starting to think my life theme is to be alone. I’m starting to accept that, but it’s just competing with the preconditioning from my psychotic mother as well as a natural need to want real love. I’ve spent decades by myself,* both in family and romance. It gets depressing after a while.

I’m going to once again pull myself out of this and focus on myself, as I should have done repeatedly already. Surprisingly, I’m pretty good at this. I’ve been through it so many times and have friends ask so often that I should put together a Breakup Package and sell it on Amazon.

Today: Family event and my son. Beautiful weather.

It’s going to be a great day!

* I’ve realized that while the youngest in a family of 6, I was almost always by myself either playing, doing homework, etc. It was really only until I was in 6th grade that a family moved in across the street, and I became good friends with their youngest daughter that I truly had camaraderie. 


If you feel like someone is playing games with you, they probably are.


“My Cell Phone Died” and other stupid excuses

The guy I was seeing was missing in action the other night. I had a strange homeward-bound commuter crisis where he had been one of the people I texted in my panic. But where everyone else replied within a half hour, his breezy reply came the next morning, not asking me how I am or what happened, but saying his cell phone died and that he “hopes it all worked out.”

I asked my friend Jen how long it takes to charge her phone. “Well its not even that,” she replied, quite intuitively, “it really only takes a minute or two for the phone to turn back on once you plug it in again.”

And yet it takes this guy 14 hours to charge his phone.

I started thinking about his reply, “I hope it all worked out.” If you study that statement’s structure you’ll realize it offers no platform for replies. Its a simple statement offering no potential for conversation. It reflects his concern: You’re on your own.

I’m not the type to rail a guy for his high-school level of dating maturity, nor will I entangle myself in a dramatic argument asking where he’s been for days. I believe that if you like me well enough, you’ll show it. Clearly he doesn’t, and isn’t.

When I consider other excuses I’ve received in the past from this guy, it’s a wonder his number is still in my phone.

Please comment and let me know what excuses you’ve gotten while dating!

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Dating Tip: Let Her Breathe

For the last few days during my morning commute the same guy has sat next to me. Decent looking guy, but he reeks of cigarettes. Reeks. I can’t imagine the length he must go through to get ready in the morning, choosing clothing, shoes, thumb ring, only to lay down and roll around in a bed of cigarette ashes before taking to his morning commute.

When he sits next to me I’m forced to turn away. By the time we hit our destination station, the smell is either nearly dissipated or I’m used to it. Either way, it doesn’t lesson my disappointment to have an ash tray sit next to me every day. Its not the smoking thats a problem, its his obliviousness to emanation of odor that depresses me.

People dont realize the value of odor awareness. The last boyfriend I had never smelled. He showered. He appropriately spritzed cologne. He was appreciated. (Granted, he didn’t appreciate me appreciating him, but thats a post for another day.)

So my Dating Tip for today: Be aware of your odors and rectify any stank you may have. Girls want to roll around on a figurative bed of roses, not ashes.

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Dating question!

Have you ever told off someone you were seeing because you were stressed out over an ex?

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We are an imperfect world

I’m sitting in the diner with my son and I’m realizing that everybody in the world is just putting up with each other. We’re all broken, abused and imperfect in some way or another, its just how much we want to accept in others – that’s the problem.


5 Ways Women Destroy Relationships

Love a man’s perspective, especially one thats spot-on!


10In my opinion, as a hetrosexual male, nothing is more attractive or more sexy than a woman!  Of course everyone has their physical preference, but in general women are beautiful creatures.  Woman are also emotional and passionate

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I’m still waiting to hear from all those women who had no problems while dating!

Unless, of course, it’s because there ARE no women out there who’ve had no problems while dating!